We are delighted to announce the first of an outstanding speaker lineup. More to follow…

Beyond Digital: The Shift to AI Transformation at KFC

Jatin Chandwani, Chief Technology Officer, KFC UK & Ireland

In this presentation, Jatin Chandwani will share KFC’s digital journey to date, future plans, and how he anticipates AI will play a significant role in transforming the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) sector.

Diversification and Digitisation - lessons learned from the Caffè Nero transformation.

Will Stratton-Morris CEO, Caffè Nero

Will shares lessons from a journey of diversification and digital transformation, from new business growth in delivery, to click and collect, e-commerce, partnerships and app based loyalty.

itsu: Digital transformation revisited

Neil Miller, chief customer officer

Returning to Hostech to update on itsu transformation journey, chief customer officer Neil Miller will delve into the ongoing development of the Pan-Asian healthy eating brand’s CRM, kiosks, loyalty and app. In part three of an evolving series, he will also explore itsu’s omnichannel strategy around grocery, partnerships and catering, and how the brand is leveraging digital to double down on its health credentials.

TikTok: A new approach to social media marketing

Rameez Al Aghbar. Brand Partner – QSR Lead, TikTok

One of the biggest and fastest growing social media platforms in the world, TikTok has transformed the way restaurants approach digital marketing. In this presentation, QSR lead Rameez Al Aghbar will share the story of how TikTok has become one of the most influential platforms for the sector, particularly when reaching younger consumers. He will also argue that marketers must shift their strategy away from traditional social media models, towards a focus on entertainment rather than promotion; while shining a spotlight on the brands that are winning on the video sharing app, such as KFC and Wingstop.

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